Contemporary Office Design Ideas

Contemporary Home Office 2

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A home office is a great way to reduce your commute and spend some time working from the comfort of your own living space. Home offices can be designed in many different ways, but contemporary office is one of the most popular styles this year.

The origins of the contemporary style have been traced back to the 1970s and 1980s. Contemporary design does not have any strict rules or guidelines but has many variations on what constitutes contemporary decorating.

Characteristics of contemporary design are as follows:

• Open floor plans
• Inviting
• Functional
• Integrates historic with present day
• Abundance of natural light
• Geometric shapes, clean lines and straight angles

The contemporary design style is fluid and adaptable; not bound by rules or regulations that are set in stone. It’s about you – what do you want your contemporary office to feel like, and how can you decorate to accommodate that feeling.

What is a contemporary office ?

– A contemporary office includes a modern design that incorporates simple clean lines, often with emphasis on the use of natural materials.

– The simplicity and sleekness of a contemporary office can be achieved by using few colors and straight or slightly curved shapes.

A contemporary office design style can be achieved by following these simple guidelines:

  • Stay within a contemporary color palette. Gray, browns and whites are great colors for contemporary design styles. Select primary colors that work well together such as blue and yellow or red with green. Avoid black to maintain a more formal feel, but also avoid white as it is difficult to clean.
  • Regarding furniture, contemporary style is all about simplicity and clean lines, so stick to basic pieces such as workstations or bookcases. Avoid adding furniture that has curves or round edges.
  • Keep the lighting simple with lots of bright natural light from windows if possible. Add additional lights for overhead glare protection and ambiance when needed.

There are also several decor ideas for a contemporary office.

  • Hang a contemporary artwork or large abstract painting on the wall.
  • Add simple, contemporary patterned rugs to decorate your space and add color.
  • Consider adding pops of color with throw pillows or plants that will help create an inviting feeling in the office suite.