Home Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture

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The selection of home office furniture should reflect the style and ambiance you’re trying to achieve with your home office design. It should also blend with the office decor and complement the space you have available. Your home office setup will no doubt include furniture, so make sure it’s functional and allows you to be as productive as possible. There are many options when selecting furniture, so use the following tips for guidance.

There are many styles and types of home office furniture from which to choose. In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Bookcases
  • Credenza
  • File cabinet
  • Storage
  • Conference table
  • Table
  • Extra chairs
  • Couch
  • Whiteboard or Easel
  • Television

Take an Assessment Before You Begin

Before beginning your home office furniture selection, take an assessment of the furniture you currently have. As you list each item, consider the following:

  • Do I really need this furniture?
  • Can I combine the contents of the furniture with another piece?
  • Is there another way to accomplish the functionality of the furniture?
  • Do you like the furniture or have you been secretly dying to get rid of it?
  • Does the style of the furniture fit with the style you’re trying to achieve?
  • Does the furniture contribute to your functionality or is it simply in the way?

How Does Office Furniture Affect Productivity?

Home Office Furniture Bored

Answer the following questions:

  • Is my office furniture uncomfortable?
  • Do I often have lower back pain or pain in other areas after working for long periods of time?
  • Do I hunch when I stand up after sitting in my work chair for long periods of time?
  • Is my space cluttered and disorganized?
  • Do I need more storage and often waste time looking for things?
  • Is the lighting adequate?
  • Do I have enough electrical outlets or do I often need to rearrange plugged items?

Not having the proper office furniture can be demotivating and and can decrease morale. You want an environment that is energizing and helps you be productive.

Perhaps you need to rethink your home office furniture. If you want to be comfortable and productive at the same time, you must choose furniture that combines form and function to suit your needs. It must be ergonomical and look good at the same time. There are lots of options, however, when choosing home office furniture.

Ergonomical Setup

Decide what furniture you need

In this article, we’re sticking to furniture. Accessories, wall hangings and other office decor can be found in other articles.


The desk will be the focal point of the office. You will likely spend a lot of time here, so let’s go over the things you should consider when selecting the appropriate desk.

There are several types of desks from which to choose. Let’s go over the basics.

Adjustable height standing desk

These have become very popular and allow you to sit or stand based on the height of the desk. There are some desks in this category which only allow you to stand. If you want complete versatility, I would recommend a desk that allows you to either sit or stand, as this provides the best benefits for your health and productivity.

UPLIFTDESK Adjustable Height Desk. This desk was rated number one by WireCutter. It comes in a variety of heights, styles, and materials to suit your needs. Depending on the model and size you select, the desk can be a little on the pricey side, but there are less expensive options available.

Office Furniture UpliftDesk Standing Desk

Jarvis Standing Desks made by Fully. Second in line are the Fully Jarvis Standing desks which are less expensive than than the Upliftdesk and also provide options for materials and size.

Office Furniture Jarvis Eco Type Standing Desk

Jarvis Treadmill Desk by Fully. Fully also makes a treadmill desk which is great for you exercise enthusiasts.

Office Furniture Jarvis Treadmill Desk

There are also great options at Amazon. Consider the following standup desk made by Stand Up Desk Store. The desk has an adjustable crank for height adjustment. I love the 2-tier option and the wheels which make the desk easy to move:

Office Furniture Amazon Adjustable Height Desk

Stand Up Converters. Also popular are the height adjustable stand up converters which allow you to raise your monitor and keyboard to work standing or sitting. These are more affordable options and offer lots of versatility:

As office furniture goes, these adjustable height desks are the best you can buy.

Folding computer desk

Executive desk

Executive desks span a wide-range of meanings and there’s really no right or wrong, but the classic executive desk has a double-pedestal arrangement of drawers and typically has a lock for some drawers.

Home Office Furniture Executive Desk

L-Shaped Desk

This desk style fits is best placed in a corner. It provides a lot of room to spread out and work if that is what’s required. It also provides plenty of room for monitors if you’re in a multi-monitor environment. It’s one of the largest desk styles, so make sure you have enough room. There are also L-shaped desks with a bookcase attached on one end of the desk.

Home Office Furniture L-Shaped Desk 1
Home Office Furniture L-Shaped Desk 2
Home Office Furniture L-Shaped Desk 3

Credenza desk

Home Office Furniture Credenza Desk 1
Home Office Furniture Credenza Desk 2
Home Office Furniture Credenza Desk 3

Secretary desk

Home Office Furniture Secretary Desk


Ergonomic chairs

You can’t go wrong with any of the chairs in the following review:


There are many different types of bookcases to consider. No matter whether you fill them with books, ornaments, or other decor, choosing the right one will be important as part of your home office furniture collection.

Standard Book Case

As the name suggest, this is a standard bookcase with shelves. What’s important here is to determine how many shelves you need. The fewer the shelves, the taller the items you can use to decorate the bookcase. If you have a book that is too tall for a shelf, you can lay it down with the spine facing outward so you can see the book’s title.

For any of the bookcases, you’ll need to decide the material. You can choose wood, wood laminate, metal, or glass.

Home Office Furniture Standard Bookcase

Corner Bookcase

Corner bookcases are great, because they take up less space. Make sure you have enough space, though, for all the items you plan to place on the bookcase. You can find corner bookcases in all different styles, heights, and materials.

Home Office Furniture Corner Bookcase 1
Home Office Furniture Corner Bookcase 2

Modular Bookcase

Modular bookcases are great because you can decide the height of each shelf and, in some cases, the number of shelves. This allows you to place those hard-to-fit items on the bookcase. This allows you to use your home office furniture more efficiently!

Home Office Furniture Modular Bookcase 1

Cubed Bookcase

Cubed bookcases are very trendy and modern looking while also functional. These are great for storing paper and other office supplies as well as books.

Home Office Furniture Cubed Book Case 2
Home Office Furniture Cubed Book Case 1

Step Bookcase

Step bookcases are usually modular with a few of the modules removed. They are trendy and provide open space to place taller items.

Home Office Furniture Step Bookcase

Leaning Bookcase

Is this really a thing? Apparently it is. Leaning bookcases have more to do with style and aesthetics than anything. The shelves at the bottom are wider than the shelves at the top.

Home Office Furniture Leaning Bookcase


Home Office Furniture Credenza 1
Home Office Furniture Credenza 2

File Cabinet

Home Office Furniture File Cabinet 1
Home Office Furniture File Cabinet 2


Conference Table


Extra Chairs


Whiteboard or Easel